The Eastern Mass
Rhythm Festival 14th Annual EMRF on July 28, 2018

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Council Members



As many of you know, Rick Cormier was a member of the EMRF drum council since it's inception 9 years ago. Rick, Ed Rooney and John Chiros gave the impetus that got the ball rolling which became this festival. Rick lead a circle in New Bedford MA for many years before moving up to Yarmouth ME where he built up a big drum following for the past decade. He's embarked on a new phase in his life by moving with his wife to Santa Fe NM. We were sad to see him depart, not only because he's been such an inspiration in the New England drumming scene, but also because he's been a key voice in maintaining the integrity of the EMRF's mission. We've brought some new members onto the council, but there's no way we could replace Rick's presence. We wish him well and hope he might drop in and drum at future festivals.


 ed rooney 2015 

Ed Rooney

Longtime organizer of the Drumfish Drum circle (do not ever call him a facilitator - he gets techy about it). He has been known to manage a 6/8 rhythm from time to time - although not always when everyone else is playing one. Acclaimed for his large size sculptures at the festival he was proposing that this year he would provide 1/4 scale working models of the Hindenburg, the Challenger space shuttle and the Mt. St. Helens volcano. Wiser heads prevailed, but he is hopeful.

 Susan West

Susan West

Best known as the facilitator of the Grafton Drum Co-Op and leader of the African drum performance group, Bese Saka. She is also a three-time world champion kick boxer as well as an accomplished African dance instructor. Currently working on a fusion of the two forms. If she is dancing, approach with caution.

 dave c 2015

Dave Curry

Dave is the facilitator for several drum circles; Drums For One And All, Drums For Almost But Not Quite Everybody, Drums For A Very Exclusive Club and Drums For People Who Really Shouldn't Be Allowed To Go Near a Drum Ever Again. He has a reputation for being involved in multiple drum related events.

 paul lagueux 2015

Paul Lagueux

(Not pronounced like Mr. Magoo) Recently returned from his triumphant run as an understudy in the Off-Broadway production of Breaking Bad-The Musical. He is an accomplished drummer and tuba player. He also owns the world's smallest harmonium, constructed entirely from a matchbox, toothpicks and gypsy moth caterpillars.

 Mike Morin

Mike Morin

Is our web designer, social media manager and graphics guy. He loves designing tshirts for the festival and believes drummers should dance and dancers should drum. In his spare time, he is the webmaster of the New England Drummers community website and is always looking for contributions to help offset the annual cost.