The Eastern Mass
Rhythm Festival 14th Annual EMRF on July 28, 2018

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Drum Council Mission



1). The council's primary objective is to carry out all the organizational and operational tasks that make the annual Eastern Massachusetts Rhythm Festival possible. For the sake of simplicity, the council shall retain a membership that is proportionate to this task. As the event grows, the council may add new members as required.


2). The council shall base its decisions and actions on a democratic process that honors all opinions and aims to reach a consensus amongst its members.


3). Both the council and the festival shall remain "grass roots" for as long as is practical. This implies that the council members and all festival instructors shall be volunteers who are not paid for their services. It is expected that these people shall be active representatives of local community of drummers and dancers. Corporate sponsorship is to be avoided until the council decides it is appropriate to accept outside financial support.


4). Both the council and the festival are considered "not for profit", in that all proceeds collected in the form of donations from the festival attendees shall be used strictly to support future EMARF events (i.e. paying for promotion, materials, fees etc.).


5). The central theme of the festival is participation rather than performance. This dictates that every effort should be made to ensure that all attendees are able to take part in some aspect of the drumming and/or dancing activities. Situations are to be avoided where attendees become a passive audience to any form of performance.


6). The festival shall include a balanced blend of freestyle circles and facilitated workshops. The intent is to encourage both creative self expression and education in the arts of hand drumming, percussion and dance. These goals shall be carried out by both the council members and by experienced guest instructors who are invited to offer workshops on relevant topics.


7). The festival shall arranged to promote inclusivity, in that drummers and dancers of all ages and skill levels are welcomed to participate, including complete beginners. Although the festival is targeted for people who are already active in the local drumming/dancing community, a welcome shall also be extended to the general public who may be interested in learning what the festival has to offer.